Useful, Joyful, Willful: Thinking About Types of Play

Jörgen Skågeb of First Person Scholar wrote this article about the usefulness of games, joyfulness displayed during games, and the willingness of players to play by the rules of the game. A useful game is one that can sell. People develop competitions based on these games; Developers determine what algorithm of play (combinations of coding for movement) work with the games that are being sold the most. Joyfulness represents the perception of fun wrought while playing games. Is the audience annoyed at games that portray social mores in society or are they learning social schemas from these games? Willfulness is about the willfulness to break social stereotyping through the social mores in the real world and gaming world. The underlying theme of this game is breaking gendered stereotyping in games and the cultural patterns that start the stereotypes. Useful, Joyful, Willful: Thinking About Types of Play

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