Eszter Hargittai on Today’s Digital Divide

Estzer Hargittai, associate Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University, was interviewed by journalist Heather Chaplin of the digital media and learning company Spotlight on today’s digital divide. From Hargittai’s research with other researchers at the Institute for Policy Research on internet use and the less privileged Hargittai has discovered that children who live in lower socioeconomic status (SES) households or students that have parents who have very little involvement with their children’s lives are less likely to be politically or socially active on the internet. This can mean speaking about social issues on social media sites or any other online social awareness activities. This is consistent with the research stating that children of all SES statuses are showing growing rates of political involvement on the internet. However, students from lower SES families have not caught up to the rate of their higher SES counterparts. Eszter Hargittai on Today’s Digital Divide

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