Science and Games: an ideal match

Martha Henson of Edugames Hub, a global community of education game makers, believes that games designers are missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on making games about science processes. There are always certain rules in science that must be achieved to complete a process correctly. Henson gives the example of her Axon game which guides users on the correct processes of firing neurons in chickens. Games like Pandemic and Plague Inc. follow in the basic scientific method and processes idea. Foldit, Eyewire, and Fraxinus are games that can be used to conduct research while playing.

How much should it costs to produce one of these games? Martha Henson argues that these games are more than a few thousand dollars but should not costs in the hundreds of thousands to produce. She argues that a developer should consider creating a board game or a physical game if they cannot meet these financial requirements. Science and Games: an ideal match

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