Gamifying Education

  Extra Credits’ video is about flaws in the way teachers teach and how gaming can improve them. The author argues that grades should not be listed as grades but experience points (XP) for level of skills achieved. This act can make learning and cheering […]

Exploration Game Ether One Is A Head Trip Well Worth Taking

Ether One is a game about Jean, a fictional elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease, storing clues in her memory to help her navigate life’s happenings. The player is the Restorer, a person who speaks to Jean and helps her connect the ideas in her memory […]

New Study Shows Playing Video Games Actually Makes You A Better Learner

Dan Van Winkle, Associate Editor of The Mary Sue wrote about a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that posits that persons who play video games have an increased ability to remember templates or patterns of problem solving that serve […]

Teaching in the Age of Minecraft

Science writer Alexandra Ossola wrote this article about Minecraft, a game that has been downloaded more than 18 million times and is the most commercially successful computer program to date. Minecraft, a game once used for recreational purposes only, is now in the form of […]

Playing Games Increases Brain Size

Involvement in cognitively stimulating activities may increase brain size. The issue was proposed during the Alzheimer Association’s 2014 International Conference. Results from a study of 329 people who did not have dementia but have a family history of the disease were presented. Gaming was introduced […]

Gamifying Education- who will it really work with?

This blog post shows a graphic about the different uses of gaming in K through twelve education, reasons for using games, and the history of gaming today. Games are utilized in elementary and secondary education as teaching tools for spatial, verbal, and social knowledge. The […]

C-c-c-combo Trainer: Street Fighter IV Tool Teaches Timing

In this review Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun’s Managing Editor writes about the fan-created mod Street Fighter IV Combo Trainer. The mod allows the player of Street Fighter IV to enter codes for button inputs that times when a fighter moves and makes sounds during […]

Wot I Think: Long Live The Queen

Author Alec Meer wrote this article about Hanako Games’ sim game Long Live the Queen. Long Live The Queen is about a young noble who struggles to maintain the life of a noble while there are plots to kill her. As the female heir to […]

Neocolonialism Throws Up A Middle Finger, But Is It Justified?

Neocolonialism is a digital board game about villans (with the names of 20th century pioneers of wealth) getting the most money through international trade and the building of towns. The villians go around the world building lands and negotiating deals for the treatment of such […]

Kill Shakespeare Is The Boardgame Based On The Bard’s Bloodiest Plays

The game is about protecting William Shakespeare from his inevitable wrath due to an insurrection his camp (heroes in Shakespeare’s plays) began against Macbeth and other villians in Macbeth’s camp. Kill Shakespeare Is The Boardgame Based On The Bard’s Bloodiest Plays