Digital Game Making Tools Round-Up

[Cross-posted to] Games are about two things: agency and empathy. Games are made up of systems of rules or constraints and particular goals. When a player explores these systems, they make meaning from the relationship that emerges out of their actions with the possibility space […]

LA Board Game Jam went awesomely!

Mark was invited as a judge for the first LA Board Game Jam that happened during Memorial Day weekend at Strategicon GameX! Photos! Facebook page!

ETC and G4C release Game Impact Project: “Impact with Games — A Fragmented Field.”

(copied from their email press release!) ETC Press and Games for Change (G4C) are excited to release the first report of the Game Impact Project: “Impact with Games — A Fragmented Field.” The Game Impact Project is a collaboration between G4C under the leadership of Asi […]

New brochure for the Gameful Design Lab!

Get the PDF version of the Gameful Design Lab!

We’ll be updating the resources in the coming weeks

We’ve got a ton of articles and resources that we’re writing up annotations for, and the current plan is to post each one as a separate post with appropriate tags that could later be filtered through by visitors to this site. In the meantime, we’ve […]

CfP Book on Esoteric Gaming!

Just posted the call onto GamesNetwork, GLS, AoIR, and IGDA LEG SIG maling lists. Here it is in all it’s glory: Extraordinary Feats of Gaming tl;dr: (Damn, Mark. You write too much.) Call for chapters, editing help, interested illustrators, peer reviewers (of sorts), and general […]

Hello, crazy world!

Welcome to the Pepperdine Gameful Design Lab! We’ve got some amazing things lined up for this year with the help of a bevy of LA-area co-conspirators, so stay tuned and subscribe to our feed! Main mission: Make the world a better place by focusing on […]