Serious Games Go Offline: Bringing The Board Game To The Board Room

Scandinavian business leaders in pharmaceutical, biotech, and service industries have decided to forego the training simulations that exists in gaming for a less computerized technique- board games. Training simulations through the use of board games in which decisions on business transactions can be made and […]

Author Offers Real-world View of Bringing Games Into the Classroom

Matthew Farber’s Gamify Your Classroom is a book designed to break down coding and overall gaming terminology in a way that teachers and designers can understand. Farber argues that gaming should not be a part of the entire curriculum. The act of gaming taking over […]

Top Trends of 2014

This article from Games and Learning is about the top gaming in education trends of 2014. Digital games are known a normal fixture of the kindergarten through eighth grade school curriculum. More than two-thirds of teachers utilize digital gaming for instruction. Instruction is in the […]

If… Game Co-founder: It’s Time For Games That Teach Empathy

Jessica Berlinski, the game co-founder was inspired by the events of Sandy Hook Elementary to help other developers create a socio-emotional game that teaches students empathy. More than 200,000 parents and teachers “downloaded the app within the first week of it’s release”. Parents have the […]

Inside ‘DubHacks’: Results from a first-ever UW collegiate hackathon

Nearly 400 students form across the United States participated in the University of Washington’s first Hackathon. Most Hackathons in the Pacific Northwest are not specifically sponsored for college students. During this Hackathon students spent 24 hours designing games. They were mentored by many of the […]

Research Cautions More Rewards Don’t Equal More Learning

Professor Jenny Stromer-Galley of Syracuse University and a team of researchers developed two games,which featured flash puzzles. One game had more reward options than the other. 365 undergraduates from across the U.S. played both versions of the game. The results found that an increase in […]

Quest to Learn Offers Glimpse of Game-based Schooling

In 2009 Quest to Learn, a New York City Middle School, opened its doors. This school incorporates gaming in every aspect of learning. Teachers meet with game designers and developers to discuss student successes and future improvements to the game. A school with a similar […]

Designer Diary: Libertalia

Paolo Mori designed the game Libertalia. Libertalia allows players to pick the same amount of Kingdo, Occupation, and Strategy cards, reveal simultaneously which cards they picked, and find out how the sayings on the cards interact with each other. The numbers on the cards are […]

Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

According to Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown of ASAP Science, players of video games are known to have better motor skills, strategic planning skills, and dexterity than before they played games on a regular basis. Games help slow the aging process, are increasingly used in […]

Gamifying Education

  Extra Credits’ video is about flaws in the way teachers teach and how gaming can improve them. The author argues that grades should not be listed as grades but experience points (XP) for level of skills achieved. This act can make learning and cheering […]