Digital Game Making Tools Round-Up

[Cross-posted to] Games are about two things: agency and empathy. Games are made up of┬ásystems of rules or constraints and particular goals. When a player explores these systems, they make meaning from the relationship that emerges out of their actions with the possibility space […]

LA Board Game Jam went awesomely!

Mark was invited as a judge for the first LA Board Game Jam that happened during Memorial Day weekend at Strategicon GameX! Photos! Facebook page!

CfP Book on Esoteric Gaming!

Just posted the call onto GamesNetwork, GLS, AoIR, and IGDA LEG SIG maling lists. Here it is in all it’s glory: Extraordinary Feats of Gaming tl;dr: (Damn, Mark. You write too much.) Call for chapters, editing help, interested illustrators, peer reviewers (of sorts), and general […]